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The New York Times
· A Media Critic Focuses on the Crisis in Local News  
We had a pop music critic, a classical music critic, a drama critic, an art critic, plus reporters who wrote about other elements of the community that had nothing to do with watchdog journalism.
The Independent
· NBA u-turns as online store now allows 'FreeHongKong' customised jerseys  
Critics condemned this as evidence that the NBA’s relationship with China is too close.
Washington Post
· Deadly Taliban attack adds to despair over faltering Afghan peace process  
Some critics blame Ghani for the delays, while others charge that the U.S. deal spearheaded by Khalilzad gave the Taliban too much leverage and has emboldened the insurgents to flout its conditions.
The China Post
· Thousands of protesting Israelis call on Netanyahu to resign  
Critics accuse him of leading a bloated, out-of-touch government and moving too slowly to help struggling Israelis.
The Guardian
· The Guardian view on Covid-19 economics: the austerity con of deficit hysteria  
If politicians understand that there is no budget constraint, say Prof Kelton’s critics, it will make it impossible to manage an economy sensibly.
· Excavation Begins For Possible Mass Grave From 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre  
Some of those critics saw the location and original date of the rally as another affront by the president, amid a torrent of pain and anger over the killing of George Floyd that sparked nationwide protests.
Washington Post
· Rep. H. Morgan Griffith tests positive for coronavirus after urging schools to reopen  
“I thought it was a hoax?” one critic tweeted.
The New York Times
· How to Fight Health ‘Cures’ Online  
That’s what critics of Facebook or other online companies mean when they say that these companies should add context to politicians’ inflammatory statements posted on their sites, or that they shouldn’t be a forum for all ideas.
· Decrypted: As tech giants rally against Hong Kong security law, Apple holds out  
Critics say the law, ratified on June 30, effectively kills China’s “one country, two systems” policy allowing Hong Kong to maintain its freedoms and some autonomy after the British handed over control of the city-state back to Beijing in 1997.
· Apple owes you for slowing down your old iPhone. Here’s how to collect.  
Critics of Apple’s throttling mechanism hit the company for not informing users that this was happening or allowing consumers to control whether they wanted this setting turned on or off.