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Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The New York Times
· Taking Lessons From a Bloody Masterpiece  
Critics trashed it when it was first exhibited, and Eakins had to sell it for a pittance.
The Independent
· Dominic Cummings broke lockdown law by driving to Barnard Castle, Durham Police conclude  
Critics have argued that he breached separate guidance - which is not legally enforceable - from the government and NHS telling families to isolate together in their primary residence if anyone develops symptoms.
Financial Express
· Donald Trump preparing order targeting social media protections  
The president’s critics, meanwhile, have scolded the platforms for allowing him to put forth false or misleading information that could confuse voters.
· U.S. virus deaths top 100,000, protests over George Floyd death and China's security law  
China's government passed the first hurdle of enacting a draft security law for Hong Kong on Thursday, legislation that critics warn would erode human rights protections and the territory's unique status.
The Diplomat
· Pandemic Adds New Threat for Rohingyas in Myanmar  
Myanmar has a long history of creating hollow committees and commissions to appease critics, thwart genuine international scrutiny, and diffuse pressure to reform.
· US firms shield CEO pay as pandemic hits workers, investors  
Critics say protecting executives' pay in downturns undermines practices intended to tie compensation to shareholder returns.
The Atlantic
· Boring But Very Nasty  
He seems to think that what the public is yearning for right now from its president is yet another self-serving attack on his critics, a few more conspiracy theories, and a whole lot of superlatives in all caps.
The Guardian
· Jack Garratt: Love, Death and Dancing review – despair, recovery and reinvention  
Assuming such things carry on as normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, in a few months’ time, denizens of the music industry will be asked to cast their votes for the BBC’s Sound of … poll and the 2021 Brits rising star award (formerly known as critics’ choice).
The New York Times
· ‘Into Her Own’ Review: A Sculptor’s Monumental Achievements  
A further exploration of that aspect of her process, and maybe fewer banal pronouncements from art critics (von Rydingsvard “makes things that unsettle us a little bit,” one of them chin-strokes) might have made a more illuminating picture.
The New York Times
· Can You Get the Virus From a Surface?  
The comedian Sarah Cooper has found the perfect recipe for a Trump impersonation, our TV critic James Poniewozik writes: Don’t say a word.