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cross between
cross country
cross section
cross the river
not cross

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Liverpool Echo
· Army launch coronavirus testing sites after south Liverpool outbreak  
Areas affected include Belle Vale, Childwall, Woolton, Allerton and Hunts Cross as well as Knotty Ash.
The Guardian
· UK to open 10-12 Brexit border customs sites in EU trading shake-up  
The new checks were unveiled to businesses by the Cabinet Office in a 206-page border operating model document that lays bare the complicated and intricate web of controls that will apply to all goods crossing into the EU both to the east and west (to Ireland) of the country.
Financial Express
· Coronavirus: Antibody immunity to COVID-19 may be short-lived, says study  
Also Read: Coronavirus: As worldwide cases cross 13 million, WHO chief warns COVID-19 outbreak may get ‘worse and worse and worse’
The Guardian
· Allowing the privileged few to flee Hong Kong isn't liberation  
For those of us who have faced the menace of a border, the price of crossing means turning a part of ourselves into currency: our savings, our diplomas, our labour, our despair as well as our pain.
Seeking Alpha
· Fundamentally Unsound  
Creating money to buy unbacked securities crosses an illegal rubicon, even for the Fed.
· EU admits it must do more to stop smugglers after record English Channel crossings  
Britain has called for European capitals to do more in the fight against illegal immigration after record numbers of migrants crossed the English Channel this weekend.
The Age
· O'Neill hits out at Hansen and sets the record straight over 2003 World Cup bid  
The ARU signed up … New Zealand did sign it, but sent it through with all the clauses they didn’t like crossed out.
The Age
· Dinner in 'Europe' and a new puppy: finding joy in cancelled plans  
“Fingers crossed for a vaccine so we can do it in person one day.”
Washington Post
· Trump’s rage at Dr. Fauci just boomeranged back on him  
And that’s the cardinal sin here: Since handling a public health emergency in good faith requires a sincere — if sometimes tactful — effort to inform the public about it, this has inevitably put him in Trump’s cross hairs, because it has reflected badly on Trump.
· "Designed for table football" - Soccer perplexed by handball rule  
In the first case, Paulo Dybala fired a cross against Marten De Roon's elbow and, although it was at point-blank range and the Dutchman's arm was close to his chest.