“Crowd” in the news

Example collocations

before a crowd
home crowd
large crowd
largest crowd
record crowd

Publications and example sentences

· Weekly initial jobless claims in U.S. hit 2.1 million  
Recently, hundreds of other infections have been linked to nightclubs in the country’s capital, which saw huge crowds pour into them in early May after officials relaxed social distancing rules.
The Independent
· Government putting MPs' safety at risk with return to parliament next week, Speaker warns  
Lindsay Hoyle has derailed the controversial decision to abandon online voting – potentially forcing MPs to once again crowd into the chamber – and forced the prime minister to put forward new rules.
Financial Express
· Xbox Series X versus PS5: Microsoft just stole Sony’s thunder, yet again  
Sony’s PS5 may draw more crowd as and when it arrives later in the year, because of popularity and exclusive catalogue of games, but when it comes to pure marketing, we believe Microsoft is clearly taking a big leap this year.
The Independent
· Texas blocks expansion of mail-in voting rights days after Trump fact-checked over ‘scam’ claims  
Democrats say that voting via mail is necessary to counter health risks from the coronavirus by helping to prevent crowds at polling places.
The Guardian
· Man shot dead in Minneapolis amid protests over George Floyd death  
As they did on Tuesday night, police fired rubber bullets and teargas to try to disperse crowds.
The Age
· Rugby league is back as the Eels flex their muscle to reboot season  
Even the fake crowd noise piped through the broadcast was met with a warm reception from the game's perennially displeased Twitterati.