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Пример словосочетания

before a crowd Перед толпой
home crowd Домашняя толпа
large crowd Большая толпа
largest crowd Самая большая толпа
record crowd Рекордная толпа

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Публикации и примеры предложений
The Guardian
· Hong Kong activists charged over traditional Tiananmen vigil  
The annual candlelight vigil in Hong Kong usually attracts huge crowds and is the only place on Chinese territory where such a major commemoration of the crackdown is allowed.
· Lebanese police tear gas anti-government protesters in wake of devastating blast  
Police responded with tear gas to disperse the small, but clearly furious crowd, wounding some demonstrators, NNA said.
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today  
“The photo does not look good”: Widely shared images of unmasked students crowding through the hallways of a Georgia high school have quickly come to symbolize a chaotic return to U.S. classrooms.
The Guardian
· Ascot still has hopes for a crowd on Champions Day despite prize fund cut  
Ascot insisted on Thursday it has not given up hope of welcoming a crowd to its Champions Day fixture on 17 October, despite a huge cut in the prize fund for the most valuable afternoon of racing in the British calendar.
The New York Times
· Homeland Security Chief Defends Deployments in Portland  
The tactical teams provoked a national backlash after they used tear gas on crowds and detained protesters in unmarked vehicles.
The Age
· Trailing in election polls, Trump says rival Biden is 'against God'  
After addressing a small crowd at a Cleveland airport on Thursday, Trump went on to deliver a campaign-style speech at a Whirlpool plant in Clyde, Ohio.
Washington Post
· The Trailer: The left worries about a 'hawk' as VP  
The spot might be most notable for a series of photo edits; a microphone is removed from Biden's hand to make him look confused, and a crowd is removed from a scene of Biden at an Iowa house party to make it look like he's sitting alone on a floor.
Sports Illustrated
· No Fans at Lambeau to Start Season  
GREEN BAY, Wis. – Venerable Lambeau Field has hosted 350 consecutive sellout crowds.
The Independent
· Researchers identify ‘Cummings effect’ undermining public trust in government during lockdown  
“The issue of trust is particularly important, and in fact the issue shows that in some ways trust is more important to compliance at this stage than under lockdown,” said Professor Stephen Reicher, a leading expert in crowd psychology at the University of St Andrews, speaking in early July.
Sports Illustrated
· Remembering CU Buff icon Betty Hoover  
You could be at any CU sports game and if they show the twins on the jumbotron, the crowd would go absolutely wild.