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real culprit

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The Guardian
· Cummings is the symbol of a political class that knows consequences are for little people  
Modern culprits for decline might range as widely as the doctrine of equality or political correctness, or moral laxity, or the degradation of our capacity to think as independent citizens.
Technology Org
· A few months of vaping puts healthy people on the brink of oral disease  
The damaging effects were seen with or without nicotine, leading the scientists to believe that the heated and pressurized liquids in e-cigarette cartridges are likely the key culprit in transforming vapers’ mouths into a welcoming home for a dangerous combination of microbes.
The Age
· Scrapped newspapers were communities' heart and soul, say historians  
There were red faces when it emerged the culprits were not inner city hooligans.
The New York Times
· ‘I Have a Dream’  
At first I thought it might contain a rebus element, because that is often the culprit when I am struggling to make progress in a crossword.
The New York Times
· Lyme Disease Season Is Here. These Are Tips on How to Avoid It.  
Deer can carry Lyme, but in reality, the main culprits in terms of disease transmission are white-footed mice.
Technology Org
· Stimulating immune cleanup crew offers affordable possibility for treating rare genetic disorder  
The researchers’ confidence that a lack of efferocytosis might be a culprit in LAD1 increased when transferring normal neutrophils to LAD1 mice resolved inflammation in the animals.