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Japan Today
· Japan's household spending drops at record pace as virus hits economy  
But the article states as if the virus itself was the culprit, so now I know that SARS-CoV-2 not gives you Influensa-like symptoms, but also economic depression symptoms.
· Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries is different than the original. But one episode restores its pulpy aesthetic.  
One or two of the cases in the first half-season are true mysteries, with both the cause of death and the culprit undetermined — they’re less like modern true crime morality plays and more like the brain teasers from the original series.
Seeking Alpha
· Momo - More Profitable And Only Getting Started  
The main culprit was nothing else but Covid-19.
· Jeremy Corbyn's son claims hammer-wielding lookalike to his father smashed his shop window  
Mr Corbyn tweeted a picture of the alleged culprit to identify him.
The New York Times
· 356 Elephants Died Suddenly. The Cause Is a Mystery.  
Dr. Thouless suspects that a naturally occurring disease is the most likely culprit.
· Home security: How to deter burglars and protect your home  
Izzy said: “This helps them gather evidence quickly to increase the chances of recovering your lost items and finding the culprit while they’re still in the area.
Financial Express
· Winter diesel to power Indian Army’s vehicles in Ladakh soon  
Along with the difficult and tricky terrains of snow-clad mountains, change in fuel flow (consistency) sometimes can be the culprit for motor vehicles not working in crucial times.
The Independent
· Climate crisis: Mysterious pink snow in Alps sparks fears over accelerated melting  
Culprit may be algae usually found in Greenland
Financial Express
· Investors betting on companies investing for future profits, better tailored to the new world  
I don’t think lockdowns or isolation can explain seven years of flat dividends, the culprits are more likely to be long-term disruption of supply chains, reduced global trade, less efficient companies with remote workers, political instability and macroeconomic fallout from crisis spending.
Liverpool Echo
· Wedding brawler, cocaine peddler and menace repeat offender jailed this week  
After a CCTV appeal in the ECHO, the culprit Worthington handed himself in and was charged with wounding with intent.