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current affairs
current building
current location
current name
current president

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Seeking Alpha
· Fundamentally Unsound  
Worse, by our estimates, the likely 10-year total return of the S&P 500 from current valuations is about -1.4% annually.
Seeking Alpha
· Clash Of The Healthcare REITs: Omega Healthcare Vs. Quality  
It's likely that both could issue bonds at lower rates than their current average.
Seeking Alpha
· New York Times: In Spite Of Subscription Strength, Don't Pay Premium Multiples For A Stable Business  
Especially given the upcoming election cycle, the current forecasts imply further strength on subscriptions.
Seeking Alpha
· More Pain Likely To Come For Farmer Brothers Stock  
Current price target is $4.47, 27% below current levels.
· Spain holidays: Tourists forced to wear face masks in Costa del Sol despite scorching heat  
The move will also be put in place regardless of current social distancing rules being in place.
· Deadly under-the-radar heatwaves ravaging Africa  
Climate models show that sub-Saharan Africa is going to be disproportionately affected by worsening heatwaves due to climate change, and the current lack of data hampers the region's ability to prepare, she said.
· Washington Redskins confirm name to be changed  
The team was established in 1932 as the Boston Braves and took on its current name in 1933 before moving to Washington DC four years later.
The New York Times
· In Astounding Test, Scientists Revive Damaged Lungs for Transplant  
If there were a way to use even 40 percent of donated lungs for transplant, instead of the current 20 percent, the waiting list for lungs could be eliminated, said Dr. Matthew D. Bacchetta, a lung transplant surgeon at Vanderbilt and a lead author of the new paper.
Seeking Alpha
· WestRock Company Is A Good Value Pick, Despite Appearances  
As WestRock continues to integrate the many moving parts, it has seen its profitability continue in the current financial year, as is evident from the 8.60% operating margin and the quarterly revenue and net income figures.
Sports Illustrated
· Atlanta Falcons Announce Their All-Decade Defense, Special Teams  
Three current players were selected to the group; Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones and Ricardo Allen.