“Current” in the news

Example collocations

current affairs
current building
current location
current name
current president

Publications and example sentences

Seeking Alpha
· Southwestern Energy: Bullish On Gas Prices, But Clarity On 2021 Hedges Needed  
While these declines have certainly been significant and damaging to a number of producers, I believe that we are current sitting at the cusp of a major seasonal switch.
The Age
· What to see? Picks from the art galleries  
Current exhibition, And Now, featuring contemporary Chinese art will run until January 2021, timed to coincide with Xu Zhen, Eternity vs Evolution at Canberra’s National Gallery of Australia (which will be opening from June 2).
The Age
· Reopening of galleries a boon for art-starved Sydneysiders  
Their current exhibition And Now, can contribute to a broader dialogue about China that does not just include COVID-19, he says.
The Guardian
· Half of Britain is broke - and the other half is richer than ever  
That’s a cool £82bn extra kicking around in savings and current accounts.
The Guardian
· Is China overtaking the US as a financial and economic power?  
For these and other geopolitical questions, it is more useful to rely on China’s GDP at current exchange rates.
The Guardian
· For years, the Tories have banked on impunity. Is their luck finally running out?  
And between such contests, a government with a strong majority, such as the current one, can do a great deal in a single term in centralised Britain, as radical prime ministers from Clement Attlee to Margaret Thatcher have demonstrated.
The Age
· Superheroes of the deep: humpbacks bounce back from near extinction to help fight climate change  
Under the current COVID-19 restrictions, the numbers are limited to 50 clients on the larger boat and 10 on the smaller, which will result in a massive loss of income in an already squashed season.
The Age
· How things spread and what that says about us  
Even though no two pandemics are alike, Kucharski’s work makes welcome sense of the current chaos in a way that is accessible, relatable and insightful.
The Age
· Daydreaming should be celebrated, says State Library's Kate Torney  
Taking the library gig in 2015 meant leaving one of the ABC’s most senior roles, director of news and current affairs.
Seeking Alpha
· The Topsy-Turvy S&P 500 Earnings Picture  
It will add to my current dilemma: How to put a proper price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio on this market?