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demand curve Talep eğrisi
elliptic curve Eliptik eğri
learning curve Öğrenme eğrisi
light curve Işık eğrisi
sharp curve Keskin eğri

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The Japan Times
· Fed’s Lael Brainard paints dark picture of U.S. economic outlook, urging more support  
She also said there might come a time when it would be helpful to reinforce policy forward guidance by targeting short-to-medium dated parts of the yield curve.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus map Australia: tracking new cases, Covid-19 stats and live data update by state  
This chart shows the “epidemic curve” for Australia with a timeline of measures introduced by the federal government.
Yonhap News
· S. Korea adopts alert system on crowded beaches to curb virus spread  
South Korea, which has never adopted a nationwide lockdown to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and instead opted for social distancing guidelines, normalized most public facilities in early May as the virus curve flattened.
Seeking Alpha
· Citigroup Inc. (C) CEO Mike Corbat on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
Containment is that we can bend the curve in terms of the transmission of cases.
Washington Post
· Live updates: Coronavirus could be ‘under control’ in weeks if everyone wore masks, CDC director says  
While the U.S. case count has spiked since June, Canada has effectively flattened the curve.
Malay Mail
· Wall Street ends higher, led by energy and materials  
Delta Air Lines Inc dropped after it warned it will be more than two years before the industry sees a sustainable recovery from the “staggering” impact of the coronavirus pandemic, with demand largely tracking the curve of infections in different places.
The New York Times
· How Many Hot Dogs Can Someone Eat In 10 Minutes?  
This performance curve implies that the stomach muscles of competitive eaters may lose their ability to contract back to their original size, leaving them “with a big flaccid bag for a stomach,” he said.
The Guardian
· Competitive hotdog eaters nearing limit of human performance  
Improvement curves in elite sports ranging from sprinting to pole vaulting tend to follow a so-called sigmoidal curve, featuring an initial slow and steady rise, followed by an era of rapid improvement and finally a levelling off.
Seeking Alpha
· GAZ: It Is Time To Buy Natural Gas  
However, the further out along the curve you hold, the less of a degree to which contango impacts your returns.
The China Post
· Canada, US and Mexico poised to extend border restrictions  
The U.S. has more confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 than any country in the world while Canada has flattened the epidemic curve.