“Deal” in the news

Example collocations

good deal
great deal
loan deal
record deal
signed a deal

Publications and example sentences

Sports Illustrated
· The National Basketball Players Association Approves The Proposal To Resume The NBA Season  
--We also want to know how you all are dealing with the NBA being suspended right now.
· U.S. Army officials leaving Washington, D.C.: “We don't police the American streets. We protect America”  
Soldiers from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division were called to the Washington, D.C. area earlier this week in case President Donald Trump invoked the Insurrection Act to deal with protesters.
Sports Illustrated
· What's Known–and What Isn't Yet–About MLS's Return-Plan Tournament  
Several weeks before pushing players to reach a deal and return to the field by threatening a lockout, MLS signaled its desperation to resume meaningful competition with what be the most ridiculous press release in its 25-year history.
Seeking Alpha
· Musgrave Minerals: Starlight Continues To Shine  
Therefore, the structure of the deal with Evolution was a wise move by the company as it allows them to focus their capital at the higher-grade Southern Zone, while Evolution pays to build a resource in the relatively lower-grade bulk tonnage Lake Austin to the north.
Sports Illustrated
· The Art of NFL Contracts Part 4: The Three Ways to Manipulate Cap Space  
The Chiefs are using this method a lot currently with their contracts while quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on a rookie deal.
The Independent
· Will black lives ever matter in America?  
Because, for all the talk of reforming its police forces, America’s fundamental challenge of dealing with race goes much deeper.
Sports Illustrated
· Preseason Cut/Trade Candidates for Seahawks to Track in NFC East  
Peppers, who was traded to the Giants in the Odell Beckham Jr. deal, had a decent first year in New York.
Seeking Alpha
· Primark's Reopening Seems Not To Be A Problem  
The worries coming in three separate sets which I'll deal with in turn.
Sports Illustrated
· Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Tells People To Make A Friend Who Doesn't Look Like Them  
I hope that we will deal with the better aspects of who we are as Americans.
· Iran FM throws ball back in Trump's court on nuclear deal  
The Trump administration says it wants a new deal with Iran but has taken a maximalist approach in its demands, including seeking an end to Tehran's regional activities.