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good deal Хорошая сделка
great deal Отличная сделка
loan deal Кредитная сделка
record deal Рекордная сделка
signed a deal Подписал сделку

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Seeking Alpha
· Time For Caution (My Little Conglomerate 2020 H1 Update)  
Remdesivir remains the only drug widely approved for COVID-19, and it's looking more and more like a recurring treatment for an endemic disease rather than a one-time deal.
The Age
· Westbrook tests positive for coronavirus as two players violate guidelines  
It will be nice having everybody in the game, but everyone's dealing with [absences].
The Age
· The oil cartel confronts the pandemic dilemma  
There was a moment in May where the WTI price actually fell to minus $US37.63 a barrel as commodity traders effectively paid to have oil taken off their hands rather than accept physical delivery and confront the challenge of dealing with the oil, while US storage facilities were close to capacity.
Seeking Alpha
· Yamana Gold: I Remain Bullish After Preliminary Q2 2020 Results  
In the second quarter, the company had to deal with ramping up operations at Canadian Malartic and Cerro Moro which were hit by virus containment measures, so it’s especially interesting to see how the company completed this task.
Sports Illustrated
· Report: Jeff Okudah Inks Rookie Contract with Detroit Lions  
Rapaport says Okudah's deal is a standard 4-year contract with a fifth year option.
Malay Mail
· Canadian firms warn over Mexico energy policy at dawn of trade deal  
MEXICO CITY, July 14 — As Mexico celebrated a new trade deal with the United States and Canada on July 1, a group of Canadian energy investors warned their government that Mexico could already be violating the agreement for failing to respect contracts.
Yonhap News
· (News Focus) Pandemic-hit movie industry banks on summer rebound  
Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the movie industry since the first local case in late January.
Seeking Alpha
· Comcast: Elbowing Its Way Into The Streaming Wars  
Comcast also launched Xfinity Mobile in a deal piggy-backing off of Verizon's (NYSE:VZ) towers in 2017.
The China Post
· Judge rules Mary Trump can publicize book about her uncle  
Greenwald said the confidentiality agreement that settled multiple lawsuits mainly concerned the financial aspect of the deal, which isn’t as interesting now as it might have been two decades ago.
The Age
· China sanctions US officials as tensions escalate  
The escalations have raised doubts about what is known as the Phase One trade deal between the US and China, under which China had pledged to increase the volume of purchases across numerous sectors in exchange for the rolling back of tariffs on more than $112 billion ($161.5 billion) worth of goods.