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good deal Iyi anlaşma
great deal Iyi anlaşma
loan deal Kredi anlaşması
record deal Albüm anlaşması
signed a deal Bir anlaşma imzaladı

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The New York Times
· George Floyd and Minneapolis Protests: Live Updates  
The orders came at the behest of President Trump, the officials said, who has been seeking options from his senior national security leaders, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper, for how to deal with the chaotic protests that have ignited in dozens of cities.
The Age
· Xerri passed six tests in year before positive result  
The only problem for Greenberg is the incredible leadership of ARL Commission chairman Peter V’landys – carving out TV deals and championing rule changes – is showing up years of leadership that was big on style but thin on substance.
The Age
· 'Leading without inhibition': Inside the Berejiklian government's rush to reopen  
If someone raised a problem, such as trucks having difficulty crossing the Queensland border, it was dealt with quickly.
The Age
· The young metal rebel adding real mushrooms and quarantine spirit  
Cooking was also a way of dealing with severe daily depression and anxiety and it helped him connect with people.
The Age
· From working at home to walking the dog: How COVID-19 has changed Australian lives  
Deborah Lupton, professor in the Centre for Social Research in Health at the University of NSW, said the loss of face-to-face contact with family and friends and dealing with school-aged children at home had caused significant changes to everyday life.
The Age
· Residential areas are no places for these heaters  
Councils' health departments will not carry out their responsibility to deal with this problem.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Is this the end of Hong Kong Inc? What losing US ‘special status’ may mean for the finance hub  
In the run-up to Britain returning Hong Kong to China in 1997, a “one country, two systems” deal was forged to allow the city to maintain certain freedoms and autonomy for 50 years.
The New York Times
· What Is Your Most Significant Relationship? Here Are 10 Answers  
As they deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people across the United States reflect on their most treasured personal relationships with family, friends, partners and pets.
BBC Sport
· Austria set to host Formula 1 season openers in July  
Silverstone agreed a deal for two grands prix to be held at the British track in August.
The Age
· No, less probably isn't more when it comes to AFL  
Then there’s the small matter of how a reduced season would impact other vital revenue streams generated from media rights, memberships, sponsorship deals, corporate sales and gate receipts.