“Death” in the news

Example collocations

before his death
death penalty
sentenced to death
until her death
until his death

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Publications and example sentences

Sports Illustrated
· How Tyrann Mathieu Found His Way Through the Chaos On and Off the Field  
In Kansas City, the events following Floyd’s death inspired conversations among teammates, and Mathieu, having found a focus outside of football, was at the forefront.
The Independent
· Uighur model sends rare video from Chinese detention  
When he complained about how tight the handcuffs were, he said one police officer threatened to beat him to death.
The Independent
· Compton: Violent gang of LA sheriff's deputies have Nazi tattoos, colleague claims  
Ms Chambers said at a news conference that it's unacceptable Compton residents are still dealing with reports of excessive force in the wake of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis police custody last May.
Washington Post
· As a grand Hindu temple starts to rise, Modi is transforming India  
More than 50,000 new infections and roughly 800 deaths are being reported daily.
The Guardian
· Public Health England issues rare alert over illicit prescription drugs  
Surge in tablets sold as benzodiazepines, used to treat anxiety or insomnia, linked to hospitalisations and deaths
The Guardian
· Beirut families search for loved ones feared trapped under rubble  
The death and injury toll spiralled through the night and Wednesday morning as hospitals – some also destroyed by the explosion – struggled to register the arrivals.
The Age
· Births, deaths, marriages and tributes  
Births, deaths, marriages and celebrations are available on your app.
Washington Post
· The Health 202: Why individual models of coronavirus deaths are often wrong  
A prominent model highlighted by the Trump administration early in the coronavirus crisis projected in March that deaths in the United States would total about 82,000 by now.
The Guardian
· Juan Carlos has fled Spain, but questions over his past will follow him  
But this only came after a vengeful Franco had himself ruled with absolute power, while violently suppressing democrats and making liberal use of death sentences, for almost four decades.
The Wall Street Journal
· Florida’s Elder-Care Facilities Buckle as Virus Deaths Climb  
MIAMI—Florida was one of the earliest states to lock down elder-care facilities in the coronavirus pandemic, and the move helped stave off widespread deaths at such centers in the spring.