Haberlerde Death

Örnek kollokasyonlar

before his death Ölümünden önce
death penalty Ölüm cezası
sentenced to death Ölüme mahkum edildi
until her death Ölümüne kadar
until his death Ölümüne kadar

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Washington Post
· Maryland worksharing  
Mapping the spread: Known deaths and cases in the region | U.S. map
The China Post
· Trump looks to scale back environmental reviews for projects  
The president’s trip also comes as the state has seen coronavirus cases surge and now has tallied more than 12,000 confirmed cases and more than 3,000 deaths.
Washington Post
· Mexico’s president turns attention to cartel-plagued states  
Together with Mexico’s rising death toll from the coronavirus pandemic, the violence could bring an end to a honeymoon for the president who famously promised to tame organized crime with “hugs not bullets” and said Mexico is no longer in the business of detaining drug capos.
Washington Post
· Body camera footage of Floyd arrest could show more of story  
MINNEAPOLIS — Video from the body cameras of two officers charged in George Floyd’s death is being made available for public viewing by appointment on Wednesday, but a judge has so far declined to allow news organizations to publish the footage for wider distribution.
· St Swithin's Day forecast: Could UK see 40 days of scorching sun? Latest heatwave forecast  
St Swithin was the bishop of Winchester from 852 to 862 and upon his death, he requested he be buried in the churchyard, so passers by would step over his grave and so it may be exposed to the elements.
Washington Post
· Kansas man who raped, killed Missouri teen to be executed  
Critics have said the decision to resume executions during a pandemic is political and that the death sentences do not need to be urgently fulfilled.
· Norwegian funeral homes turn to the state to avoid an early grave  
Of the some 573,000 deaths linked to COVID-19 worldwide, only 253 have been recorded in Norway and this week the country said it had no COVID-19 patients on ventilators and only a handful in hospital.
Washington Post
· Floyd family to announce civil lawsuit against Minneapolis  
MINNEAPOLIS — Attorneys for George Floyd’s family are set to announce a civil lawsuit Wednesday against the city of Minneapolis and the police officers involved in his death.
Washington Post
· Seoul to launch probe into allegations against late mayor  
Hwang lamented what he described as “speculative” media reports but avoided specific answers when asked about the city’s response to the allegations or Park’s death, including whether city officials had ignored earlier complaints by the ex-secretary.