“Debate” in the news

Example collocations

debate among
debate between
much debate
political debate
public debate

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· Coronavirus Scotland: Two households can meet outside as of tomorrow, Sturgeon announces  
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The Independent
· Government putting MPs' safety at risk with return to parliament next week, Speaker warns  
The warning follows the scrapping of the ‘hybrid’ system of only a minority of MPs being at Westminster - with remote voting and participation in debates – even while Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.
The Guardian
· Cummings is the symbol of a political class that knows consequences are for little people  
His recurrent motif is that liberal democracy is a con: that deliberation and debate are simply excuses by elites to stifle the popular will; all you should expect from politics is the occasional authorising vote for a champion you hope will wreck the joint in the way you prefer.