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debate among Arasında tartışmak
debate between Arasındaki tartışma
much debate Çok tartışma
political debate Politik tartışma
public debate Kamuoyu tartışması

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Japan Today
· Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus  
It is the quarantine of these troops that is causing potential serious public health crisis to Okinawa the debate should be focused on.
· Back to work! Boris Johnson to relax train and bus restrictions to push Britons to commute  
“There is some debate about how best to get the message across that the Government wants to allow more people to travel,” they added.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Swimming against the tide: The subtle art of resistance in Macau  
Through conversation and debate he hopes to inform the views of Macau residents who might be politically on the fence, or know little about political issues.
The Age
· Mueller breaks silence following Roger Stone commutation  
The piece, which will appear in Sunday's Washington Post, is a remarkable departure from Mueller's self-imposed silence as the political debate surrounding his work has continued to rage more than a year after he concluded his investigation of Russia's interference in the last US presidential election.
Malay Mail
· Singapore’s GE2020: Is a resounding victory enough?  
They also need to improve their rapport with Singaporeans at the grassroots – they weren’t able to put forward a representative for the official Chinese language election debate and without better Chinese-speaking representation, it’s hard to see them making deep inroads.
Malay Mail
· Singapore GE: Sengkang residents give reasons why they plumped for WP, including a better connection with its candidates  
Dr Jamus Lim emerged as a star candidate for WP after his performance during a live televised political debate on July 1, which saw him spar with PAP’s Vivian Balakrishnan, earning him praise on social media.
Washington Post
· U.N. Security Council approves limited humanitarian aid to Syria in contentious vote  
Accusing the resolution’s sponsors of “clumsiness” in handling the closed-door debate, Polyanskiy said that the “hypocrisy and double standards of our Western colleagues attained unprecedented heights during this process.”
The Independent
· Black Lives Matter: Up to 5,000 join anti-racism protest in Brighton  
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