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debate among Arasında tartışmak
debate between Arasındaki tartışma
much debate Çok tartışma
political debate Politik tartışma
public debate Kamuoyu tartışması

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The Independent
· Ashley Graham says looking at her stretch marks reminds her women are 'superheroes'  
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Washington Post
· Seattle police chief upset after protesters visit her home  
SEATTLE — Seattle’s police chief urged the City Council to tell protesters to stop visiting the homes of elected officials and others during emotional debates over reducing funding for police.
The New York Times
· What Happened to the Young Voters Focused on Guns?  
During a presidential debate a month later, he pledged to put in place a national gun registry and a mandatory buyback program for assault rifles, declaring: “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”
Washington Post
· Democrats are threatening to expand the Supreme Court. Good.  
But at that point, while the debate was deeply affected by the fate of Garland’s seat, it wasn’t about the particular scenario of a last-minute grab of yet another one.
· Conservatives warn GOP senators they risk angering voters by backing coronavirus aid package  
According to a POLITICO report, Dodd felt Harris has shown “no remorse” for her and Biden’s first debate altercation during the Democratic primary.