“Decency” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The New York Times
· Why Edmund Burke Still Matters  
Trump’s real legacy, in Burke’s eyes, would be his relentless debasement of political culture: of personal propriety; of respect for institutions; of care for tradition; of trust between citizens and civil authority; of a society that believes — and has reason to believe — in its own essential decency.
The China Post
· Police department with Elijah McClain case gets new chief  
Wilson ordered the police unit that investigates fellow officers to make the photo investigation a priority, and as she announced her decision to fire the officers, she called the photos “a crime against humanity and decency.”
The New York Times
· He’s Losing His Mind. Maybe His Country Is Too?  
I found great beauty, not answers, in Zvi’s essential human decency.
The Independent
· Hundreds gather for secret rave under New York bridge, reports say  
'Huge parties whether on land or boat are: illegal, disrespectful, violate common decency, rude,' governor says
Financial Express
· A stronger European flavour  
It appears to have lost all sense of decency and burst through a huge resistance that was set up as far back as the 2008 crisis, hitting a 2-year high at 1.1890.