Haberlerde Decision

Örnek kollokasyonlar

decision making Karar verme
decision was made Karar verildi
made the decision Karar verdi
unanimous decision Ortak karar
via unanimous decision Oybirliği ile karar

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The Age
· Don Dale ruling a strong message against use of force on children  
The High Court decision to rule that the use of tear gas on four youths at the Northern Territory's notorious Don Dale detention centre in 2014 was unlawful could not have come at a more appropriate time.
· Seattle protesters use umbrellas to guard against possible pepper spray  
Earlier Wednesday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper reversed his decision to send home some active-duty troops deployed to Washington, D.C.
The Age
· Samsung's help in COVID-19 battle helps heir's image ahead of trial  
Paranoia about chaebols' influence continues to dog the second phase of Lee's hearings, which commenced late last year after the Supreme Court overturned the lower court's decision to suspend the mogul's sentence and ordered a retrial.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Something is wrong when Macau bars mention of Tiananmen Square massacre  
Last Friday was the Macau Court of Final Appeal’s (CFA) opportunity to show that the police decision may have been politicised, but the court applied the law: that separation of powers, rule of law and fundamental rights are taken seriously in Macau.
The Age
· North axe AFLW coach in cost-cutting measure  
The move follows the decisions to part ways with men's assistant coaches Jared Rivers and Brendan Whitecross.
Malay Mail
· Trump administration selects 5 coronavirus vaccine candidates as finalists, reports NYT  
The announcement of the decision will be made at the White House in the next few weeks, the report said.