Haberlerde Decree

Örnek kollokasyonlar

consent decree Rıza kararı
issued a decree Bir kararname yayınladı
presidential decree Başkanlık kararnamesi
royal decree Kraliyet kararnamesi
signed a decree Bir kararname imzaladı

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

Bangkok Post
· Overwhelming 'yes' vote for exec decrees  
Three executive decrees have sailed through parliament after a five-day marathon debate.
The China Post
· Police disperse anti-Bolsonaro protesters in Brazil  
He wore no mask despite a decree by the Federal District’s government making that practice mandatory in public.
The China Post
· Season’s 1st tropical storm drenches part of Central America  
President Nayib Bukele decreed a 15-day state of emergency to deal with the rains that began pounding the country on Friday ahead of Tropical Storm Amanda’s landfall on Sunday.
Al Jazeera
· Coronavirus: All you need to know about symptoms and risks  
Meanwhile, a growing number of countries have introduced a series of sweeping measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus, including nationwide lockdowns, bans on gatherings, closure of schools, restaurants, bars and sports clubs, as well as issuing mandatory work-from-home decrees.
Seeking Alpha
· An L-Shaped Recovery Is Not An Anomaly, It Is The Norm  
This is a supply shock followed by the forced shutdown of an economy by government decree.
The Rio Times
· Brazil Tops Spain and Ranks 5th in Number of Covid-19 Victims  
The government decreed strict lockdown for more than two months, which began to be relaxed two weeks ago as cases and deaths slowed down.
· Curfews go into effect in cities around the country as George Floyd protests continue  
The decree will apply to the entire city beginning at 9 p.m. and lasting until sunrise.
Bangkok Post
· Wissanu clutches at legal straws  
The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has agreed in principle with a proposal by the National Security Council that an alternative must be in place for managing the outbreak when enforcement of the emergency decree is lifted.
· Trump’s policies have enabled police violence against black Americans  
Such work was aggressively pursued by the Obama administration, and resulted in at least 15 consent decrees — arrangements under which local governments consent to federal oversight in order to bring their policing in line with federal civil rights laws.
The New York Times
· Even With Years of Complaints, Police Forces Are Slow to Change  
Most cities that have been found to have a pattern of civil rights violations and placed under a federal consent decree, or improvement plan, are required to have one.