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heart defect Khuyết tật tim

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The Economist
· The Intelligence: “Twitter isn’t a monopoly, so they are freer in what they do with content”—why Facebook is hands-off  
Also on the daily podcast: Macron’s next test as party members defect and literary nurses at last find their voices
Malay Mail
· Redzuan says sticking with Perikatan govt, calls for stop to rumours of him leaving  
The event fuelled speculation that Redzuan had been about to defect to Dr Mahathir’s faction of Bersatu, but this did not materialise.
Seeking Alpha
· The Energy Industry Is Undergoing Radical Change  
This price raise will subsequently incentivize even more customers to defect from the grid, thus causing a vicious cycle or death spiral.
· Volkswagen resumes deliveries of Golf 8 after software fix  
Union officials had criticised the defect as one of a string of management lapses that had damaged the carmaker's reputation and put jobs at risk.
Technology Org
· Haima Therapeutics licenses synthetic platelet technology from Case Western Reserve University for hemostatic therapy  
The lead technology that has been licensed—and is the focus of research and development by Haima—is called SynthoPlate: a platelet-inspired, injectable technology to mitigate bleeding in patients with bleeding dysfunctions after traumatic injury, in surgery or postpartum hemorrhage, and bleeding risks in patients with platelet and coagulation defects.
Technology Org
· Study reveals birth defects caused by flame retardant  
A new study from the University of Georgia has shown that exposure to a now-banned flame retardant can alter the genetic code in sperm, leading to major health defects in children of exposed parents.