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Malay Mail
· Victim blaming perpetuates silence, injustice — WCC  
It is a definitive statement of principle, law and human rights that WCC together with countless other governments, organisations and women and men across the world uphold: that no woman deserves to be forced or coerced into sex without her consent.
Washington Post
· Virginia schools quickly drop Confederate names, this time ignoring calls to preserve ‘history’  
The Falls Church School Board has taken no definitive action yet, although at its most recent meeting it discussed hiring a consultant who could provide more historical context.
Sports Illustrated
· What’s in a Name? For Some Wrestlers, It Can Be Everything  
Clearly, there is not one definitive way to find the perfect name, and a deeper connection is not always necessary.
BBC Sport
· Super League restart threatened by pay issue  
However, the RFL say that no definitive decision can be taken yet, with circumstances constantly changing.
Liverpool Echo
· Liverpool evening headlines as referee 'admits mistakes' during Aston Villa clash  
Klopp was left irritated by the incident, but Tierney’s errors did not have a definitive impact on the game.
Sports Illustrated
· Opinion: College Football in the Spring, Not the Best Idea  
While there is no definitive information to say that playing two seasons in one calendar year would be detrimental to players heath, one could easily assume, with relative certainty, that there would be an impact.
· Sina Gets Bid at 12% Premium From Company Controlled by CEO  
“There can be no assurance that any definitive offer will be made, that any agreement will be entered into, or that this or any other transaction will be approved or consummated,” Sina said in a statement.
Seeking Alpha
· Weekly S&P 500 ChartStorm - Welcome To The Whipsaw  
As Ryan often shows us with clarity, historical data can be rather definitive sometimes.
Sports Illustrated
· How the Rays Became MLB's Outliers by Finding MLB's Outliers  
Allow me to be more definitive: From pitchers one through 15, the Rays have the best pure stuff in baseball.
The Atlantic
· Democrats Want to Legalize Marijuana. Joe Biden Doesn’t.  
He’s looking for something definitive to assure him that legalizing won’t lead to serious mental or physical problems, in teens or adults.