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The New Republic
· What I Learned From the Worst Novelist in the English Language  
Throughout the 1960s and ’70s, Bob had been a stalwart proponent of the antiwar movement, going so far as to defy the orders of the university administration, who wanted him (when he was serving as chair of the English Department) to fire professors who were holding teach-ins on campus.
The New York Times
· The Teenage Tinkerer Behind an E-Bike Revolution  
He seemed to defy gravity as he ascended the region’s steep winding roads lined with 300-foot redwoods.
· BBC licence fee horror: Bailiffs could seize pensioners possessions over non-payment  
Silver Voices said: “It defies belief that, as a second wave of coronavirus marches over the horizon, the BBC are doing this.
Washington Post
· Belarus Could Become Europe’s Next Nightmare  
Now, after the election, these enthusiastic Belarusians take to the streets, defying even the specter of Lukashenko’s thugs, who are out in force as usual.
Sports Illustrated
· Mendick magic  
As a former 22nd round draft pick in 2016, he's worked his behind off and defied the odds to earn his spot on the 2020 White Sox.
Financial Express
· Sensex, Nifty add to opening gains; ONGC, TCS top gainers, Mindtree hits fresh 52-week high  
Sensex and Nifty marched higher on Thursday morning defying the negative global cues.
· Los Angeles Mayor Says City May Shut Off Water, Power At Houses Hosting Large Parties  
In June, the town of Oxford, Mass., shut off water and electricity to a gym after its owner repeatedly defied the state's shutdown order.
Washington Post
· Hiroshima’s Enola Gay carried 12 men, hope and the world’s deadliest weapon  
It would be the start of a frightful era of weapons that could defy control and menace civilization.
Washington Post
· Column: Big and booming, DeChambeau is PGA Tour must-see TV  
He smashes jaw-dropping drives that seem to defy the very physics on which he bases his game.
· 8 Artists To Know From This Year’s Virtual Santa Fe Indian Market  
Maria Samora’s sleek, minimal jewelry defies what one may expect from Indigenous craftwork, but her modern pieces are still crafted with love and quality.