Haberlerde Dementia

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Malay Mail
· Male college students who play video games may exercise less and snack more  
Some studies have shown that playing videos games such as Pokemon Go could improve activity levels, while others could help reduce the risk of dementia in seniors.
The Guardian
· Jack Grealish: 'I am a footballer but I'm still human. We all make mistakes'  
That joy, however, was overshadowed by the news that Smith’s father, Ron, died last week as a result of coronavirus after a long time with dementia.
The New York Times
· Mary J. Wilson, Barrier-Smashing Zookeeper, Dies at 83  
Dementia crept into Ms. Wilson’s final year, and then the coronavirus.
The Guardian
· Run the Jewels: ‘I want the oppressors to know they haven’t created complete hopelessness’  
El-P, meanwhile, wrote the soundtrack for Capone, the acclaimed Tom Hardy movie about the gangster’s decline into dementia.
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Care watchdog warns of risk to learning disabled people as deaths double  
“The current focus of the testing programme is on older people in care homes with a diagnosis of a dementia.
The Independent
· ‘If looks could sell’: Netflix series Selling Sunset shows property porn that will make you drool  
The women take turns falling out – in one episode, Christine gets drunk and screams at Chrishell, “Do you have f***ing dementia?” – and the properties get sold for a revolting amount of money.
The Japan Times
· Deadly Sapporo coronavirus cluster highlights challenges faced by elderly care homes  
According to the staff, a resident with dementia was found roaming between the first and second floors.
Seeking Alpha
· Assessing Axovant Gene Therapies  
Incorporated in Bermuda, the company was formerly named Axovant Sciences but elected to change its moniker after two neurological candidates – intepirdine for Alzheimer’s and nelotanserin for dementia – failed clinical trials.
The Guardian
· Easing Covid-19 shielding in England 'risks second wave'  
“We know some people are getting isolated and lonely and particularly for people with dementia it can be hard to understand why that has happened,” said Helen Wildbore, the director of the charity.
The Guardian
· Norma Pitfield obituary  
Norma had been suffering from dementia and moved to a care home in Aldeburgh two years ago.