Haberlerde Democracy

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direct democracy Doğrudan demokrasi
liberal democracy Liberal demokrasi
parliamentary democracy Parlamenter demokrasi
social democracy Sosyal demokrasi
transition to democracy Demokrasiye geçiş

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Washington Post
· Belarus Could Become Europe’s Next Nightmare  
He knows that this would invite further sanctions from the EU and high-minded lectures from Brussels, Berlin and other Western capitals about human rights and democracy.
The Age
· Groundbreaking on Hindu temple proof Modi is transforming India  
The ceremony in northern India on Wednesday represents a signal victory for Modi and Hindu nationalists in their quest to transform the nation - a vast, multireligious democracy founded on secular ideals - into a state dominated by the Hindu majority.
Financial Express
· Jeff Bezos sells $3.1 billion of Amazon shares after fortunes soar amid pandemic  
“And we want to make sure that the extraordinary power and wealth that you’ve been able to amass is not used against the interests of democracy and human rights around the world and not against the free market at home.”
The Thaiger
· US ambassador visits Thai clean-tech company Equator Pure Nature  
At a Harry Potter-themed rally, dubbed “Harry Potter versus You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, anti-government demonstrators at Bangkok’s Democracy Monument demanded changes to Thailand’s revered monarchy and called for curbs to its power, in an unusually frank public outburst.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Sale: Latest Mekong Review and HKFP keyring with free local delivery – 100 copies only  
The long-time democracy activist, author of Liberate Hong Kong, see the law as a litmus tests for democracies.
The Guardian
· Minneapolis will not put dismantling of police department on November ballot  
“We talk about living in a democracy, but if you really want to be democratic, sometimes it’s damn near impossible.
Washington Post
· Proposal to disband Minneapolis police blocked from ballot  
“That is not democracy.
Washington Post
· Editorial Roundup: US  
What it needs now is a shot of confidence in its most basic process, voting, to shore up the integrity of its most basic value, democracy.
Washington Post
· Conservation & Sustainability  
So things are, I think, a little bit better than that, but I just have seen the courage, not just of elected officials but everyday Americans, dealing with a crisis that we never asked to come, with an economy tanking, and then, finally, this opportunity to build a multiracial democracy.