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technology demonstrator Демонстратор технологий

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The Independent
· Beirut explosion: Protesters tear-gassed after trying to storm Lebanon's parliament as anger grows over port blast  
Security forces confronted protesters outside parliament on Thursday night after small group of demonstrators burned objects and hurled rocks at police.
· Lebanese police tear gas anti-government protesters in wake of devastating blast  
Lebanese security forces late Thursday fired tear gas to disperse dozens of anti-government demonstrators angered by a cataclysmic blast widely seen as the most shocking expression yet of their government's incompetence.
The New York Times
· Homeland Security Chief Defends Deployments in Portland  
Videos have also captured agents clubbing a Navy veteran who stood peacefully and firing rubber bullets at demonstrators.
Japan Today
· Macron says aid to blast-stricken Lebanon won't go to 'corrupt hands'  
There was a small protest near an entrance to parliament in central Beirut with some demonstrators burning objects on the street, footage from local broadcasters showed.
The Independent
· Beirut explosion: 16 people arrested over Lebanon port blast  
Earlier in the day, Mr Macron was mobbed by demonstrators and residents of Beirut who implored him to take action against the capital’s leaders.
Washington Post
· Utah protesters face charges with potential life sentence  
SALT LAKE CITY — Some Black Lives Matter protesters in Salt Lake City could face up to life in prison if they’re convicted of splashing red paint and smashing windows during a protest, a potential punishment that stands out among demonstrators arrested around the country and one that critics say doesn’t fit the alleged crime.
The Age
· Lebanon detains 16 in Beirut port blast probe, Cyprus questions ship's owner  
Members of the army hold back demonstrators, expressing anger with the government negligence that allegedly contributed to Tuesday's explosion.Credit:Getty
The Independent
· Guernsey police ridiculed for recruitment advert featuring cars chases and armed raids despite low crime rate  
Demonstrators protest outside the Tate Modern in London over proposed job losses in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown.
The Independent
· Femicide in Turkey is rising. If you took part in #ChallengeAccepted, you need to amplify the cause you overlooked  
While the protest kept going and ended peacefully in Istanbul, police brutally attacked demonstrators in Izmir, on Turkey’s Aegean coast, and detained 16 protesters.
· Public-Health Measures Keep Dissent Alive  
This was billed as a “Day of Freedom,” with the demonstrators chanting: “We are the second wave!”