“Dense” in the news

Example collocations

dense forest
dense forests
dense vegetation
less dense
very dense

Publications and example sentences

· YC-backed Tajir raises $1.8M to help mom-and-pop stores source inventory in Pakistan  
Pakistan has several similarities to India: its cities are just as dense and populated, for one.
The Independent
· 9 best dressmaking scissors that will make handy work of any fabric  
If you like to batch-cut projects, those metal handles do get a little sore on the hands over an extended period but they cut cleanly through dense wool coating and have good grip on finer fabrics.
The New York Times
· Watch This Black Hole Blow Bubbles  
They are so dense that not even light can escape them, according to Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
The Guardian
· In calling out F1's silence over injustice, Lewis Hamilton is out in front once more  
The idea of a “Grand Prize” race owes its early momentum to young black chain gang workers in Savannah, Georgia, who were beaten and tortured and kept in makeshift slavery while hand carving and paving a 25-mile swath of dense wood and marshland for the inaugural showcase in 1908.
The New York Times
· The Farmers of Instagram  
They battled the heat and mosquitoes to carve farmland out of limestone, dense tropical forests, thickets of saw grass and marshes.
Al Jazeera
· Five films to watch on World Environment Day  
With grassroots initiatives connecting locals to the land, vertical farms and living buildings sprouting vegetation, Singapore's citizens are leading the way in developing initiatives that allow the benefits of nature to be felt within this dense metropolis.
The Guardian
· Coronavirus Australia stats: Covid-19 active and new cases, numbers, map and state by state data update  
The map shows the outbreak is concentrated in metropolitan Sydney, in areas with dense populations and large numbers of overseas travellers.
The New York Times
· Elephants, Long Endangered by Thai Crowds, Reclaim a National Park  
KHAO YAI, Thailand — For as long as the elephants could remember — and that is a long time — the path to the river snaked down the hillside through jungle so dense a troop of pachyderms could simply vanish.
· Last redoubt: Pygmies return to forest to isolate against coronavirus  
The dense reserve, a UNESCO-World Heritage site and the last sanctuary for animal life in a poor country ravaged by civil war, offers one of the world's few refuges for species facing extinction.
· New York protesters say they are facing two deadly pandemics: racism and coronavirus  
It’s those situations and the dense crowds that still have some wary about participating.