“Deploy” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· John Hume obituary  
By the following summer the security situation had so deteriorated that the British government was obliged to deploy soldiers and force the unionists into overdue reforms to end discrimination against Catholics and restore peace to the streets.
The Independent
· Woman seriously injured by whale while swimming in Australia  
The Western Australia police spokesperson told The Independent a volunteer marine vessel was deployed to the scene to help the injured women, but was not needed.
Washington Post
· A defense contractor died after a bar fight with Marines, and some see a crime. Others see an accident and overzealous prosecution.  
As in several of the other recent cases, alcohol appears to have played a role, even though with few exceptions it is banned for deployed service members.
The Thaiger
· 4 people still missing from the Koh Samui ferry sinking  
The life rafts were deployed by crew but not all passengers were able to scramble onto them before the ferry sank.
The Age
· Victoria is in a state of disaster. What does that mean and what are the rules now?  
With less night-time, public transport, protective services officers (PSOs) usually deployed at stations after dark will be free to help police enforce the rules.
The Guardian
· 'Calcio d'Agosto' with a difference: a unique Serie A season ends in summer  
The words translate simply to ‘August football’ but in the Italian sporting lexicon they have a specific place: deployed every summer to stop fans from getting carried away.
Washington Post
· Janet Napolitano: The DHS I led wouldn’t have attacked Americans  
So is deploying other federal security forces under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) when local officials have not requested their help in controlling the demonstrators — some violent, most not — who have assembled in Portland every night for more than two months, ever since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
The Japan Times
· Can the U.S. and China cooperate? Sure.  
Cooperating in deploying personal protective gear, sending medical expertise, helping distribute vaccines when they become available, and assisting with economic impact is something that could be undertaken jointly.
· Israel army says killed 4 planting bombs at Syria border  
Conricus said that Israel's Maglan commando unit had been deployed at the attack site for several days.
Washington Post
· When fascist aggression in Ethiopia sparked a movement of Black solidarity  
The New York City Police Department deployed 1,200 extra policemen on “war duty” to address the unrest.