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· Jobs report delivers surprising good news, but how long will it last?  
Following concerns and allegations that several deployed officers in D.C. were not wearing any identifying gear while in riot gear during protests, House and Senate Democrats are working on pieces of legislation to make sure law enforcement officers must show their name and the agency they work for, per NBC’s Capitol Hill team.
· Rep. Anthony Brown on how Trump could heal America, and why he won’t  
This is not the time for the president to talk about using the Insurrection Act, federalizing the National Guard, or deploying active-duty military.
Seeking Alpha
· Golub Capital: Still Selling At A Discount To NAV  
These amounts are deployed predominantly into North American concerns whose securities have not been rated by independent rating agencies but would be classified below investment grade if they were.
· S.Africa readies military medics as virus cases surge  
South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa said Friday that military medical personnel were ready to be deployed to the Western Cape province, the country's coronavirus epicentre, as the number of nationwide infections surged past 40,000.
Financial Express
· From 1962 to 2020: The battle hardened Indian Army  
Reports of the numbers of Chinese troops, their Tanks and Artillery Guns being deployed are being debated by various media channels .
Sports Illustrated
· Austin Ekeler’s Underdog Story Is Complete . . . Almost  
He left his house only to go to the park nearby for workouts or pick up food, reasoning that he could deploy his growing platform by setting an example for his more vulnerable neighbors.
· Paris police ban rallies at the U.S. Embassy over coronavirus concerns  
Two people thought to be National Guard members deployed during protests in Washington, D.C. were hospitalized after lightning struck the area of their post not far from the White House early Friday, a fire official said.
The Guardian
· Why are some US police forces equipped like military units?  
Some researchers have argued that these heavily armoured vehicles, originally deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, have no obvious use in domestic law enforcement.