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overseas deployment
rapid deployment

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Seeking Alpha
· National Oilwell Varco: Few Growth Catalysts But A Robust Balance Sheet  
Outlook: Irrespective of the steeply lower top and bottom line, the company claims that it has captured market share through the deployment of bit technologies over the past several years.
Seeking Alpha
· Fluidigm COVID-19 Funding, And Other News: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Biopharma  
The main aim of the RADx program is to facilitate deployment of nearly 6 million daily tests nationwide by December 2020.
Washington Post
· A defense contractor died after a bar fight with Marines, and some see a crime. Others see an accident and overzealous prosecution.  
The resulting report did not cite any specific case but said combat deployments have been “valued above all others things,” including professional development and personal maturity.
Washington Post
· Janet Napolitano: The DHS I led wouldn’t have attacked Americans  
Restoring it to its proper mission, and introducing new safeguards against its egregious misuse, is the appropriate response to its unchecked authoritarian deployment.
Washington Post
· When fascist aggression in Ethiopia sparked a movement of Black solidarity  
In the meantime, overwhelming military force, including the deployment of 1,000,000 men and hundreds of tons of illegal poison gas bombs, would ensure victory.
The Japan Times
· The global war for 5G heats up  
While O-RAN will evolve to provide new technical options to telecom operators, the latter are unlikely at this stage to bet nationwide 5G roll-outs on O-RAN solutions that lack proven deployments at scale, established systems integrators, or performance metrics competitive with Huawei’s current offerings.
Financial Express
· India-China Border Tension: Another marathon long talk comes to an end; China Study Group to discuss the outcomes later today  
The focus during this meeting was on the withdrawal of troops in Pangong So area, even as significant increase in the deployment of troops in critical areas within Chinese territory is visible.
Financial Express
· UK rolls out 2 new rapid COVID-19 tests  
The desktop GridION machine can process up to 15,000 tests a day, or the palm-sized MinION can process up to 2,000 tests a day for deployment in a near-community “pop-up” lab.
The Atlantic
· How the Pandemic Defeated America  
America’s neglect of nursing homes and prisons, its sick buildings, and its botched deployment of tests are all indicative of its problematic attitude toward health: “Get hospitals ready and wait for sick people to show,” as Sheila Davis, the CEO of the nonprofit Partners in Health, puts it.
· UPS Readies Freezer Farms to Ship Virus Vaccine — If We Get One  
“Lives will depend on us to get these vaccine deployments right, and we’re well-prepared to support all of these efforts until this pandemic is behind us.”