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design and construction Tasarım ve yapım
graphic design Grafik dizayn
interior design Iç dizayn
new design Yeni tasarım
original design Orijinal dizayn

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Financial Express
· Commercial real estate to move northwards in Tier 2 markets post Covid-19  
Their design and quality has evolved to match up to international standards, meeting all the demands of the new-age and traditional businesses alike.
The Verge
· Realme announces its first smartwatch and TVs  
It has a square design with a 1.4-inch 320x320 LCD display and runs what appears to be a custom version of Android.
Technology Org
· David van Dijk: The Role of Machine Learning in Biomedical Discovery  
By using data from yeast collected in a lab, Van Dijk designed promoter regions and mutated them to create a large data set.
The China Post
· Chinese tech giant criticizes US for ‘politicizing business’  
Another blacklisted company, CloudMinds Technology Co., a maker of internet-linked robots in Beijing, said all its products “are designed for civilian use.” It appealed to the U.S. government in a statement on its social media account to “stop this unfair treatment.”
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Government guidance gives green light for contract training when sports are ready  
Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said: “This new guidance marks the latest phase of a carefully phased return to training process for elite athletes, designed to limit the risk of injury and protect the health and safety of all involved.
The New York Times
· Bugatti Chiron: Perfection at a Stratospheric Price  
Perfect, that is, if you don’t mind spending $8,000 a year for insurance, $12,000 for a set of specially designed Michelin tires and close to $20,000 for a yearly service.
The Guardian
· China's belt and road initiative: what is it and why is Victoria under fire for its involvement?  
“With the biggest infrastructure program in our state’s history under way, we have the design and delivery skills China is looking for, meaning more jobs and more trade and investment for Victorians,” he said.
Malay Mail
· Keeping Terengganu’s woven songket traditions alive via new platforms  
Nik admits that a piece of handwoven songket could be worth a few thousand ringgit and not everyone could afford it, but with a good combination of design and colour, Terengganu handwoven songket enthusiasts will surely be pleased with the final result.
Seeking Alpha
· NIH Study Supports Wide Use Of Gilead's Remdesivir In COVID-19  
A supplement to the article contains valuable information about the study design and clinical data.
The Guardian
· Frydenberg rules out 'wholesale changes' to jobkeeper despite $60bn underspend  
On Monday Frydenberg also confirmed that – despite the wage subsidy being designed to keep workers attached to their jobs – jobkeeper does not prevent an employer making employees redundant.