“Destroy” in the news

Example collocations

able to destroy
attempt to destroy
destroy all
not destroy
order to destroy

Publications and example sentences

Al Jazeera
· Russian fighters flown out of western Libya after Haftar retreat  
The Tripoli government, known as the GNA, has with Turkish help made sudden strides, seizing a string of towns from the LNA, capturing the strategically important al-Watiya airbase, and destroying several Russian-made air defence systems.
The Independent
· Namibia culls elephants to ‘protect crops and farmers’  
Ten elephants have been shot by wildlife authorities in Namibia as part of a cull after the animals moved into farming areas, destroying crops during harvest season.
BBC Sport
· Huddersfield owner Phil Hodgkinson warns '50 or 60 clubs' could go bust  
English football's pyramid will be destroyed unless the game starts to plan for the financial impact of Covid-19 beyond the 2019-20 season, says Huddersfield owner Phil Hodgkinson.
The Guardian
· Claudia Karvan joins last-ditch campaign to save unburnt bushland from development  
Tearing it down would not only destroy the homes of native animals, but it would break the hearts of those who saved it – and the rest of us locals.”
Seeking Alpha
· Hurry Up And Wait For Berkshire Hathaway  
That's only true, of course, when you're doing buybacks below intrinsic value otherwise you're destroying shareholder value.
The Independent
· 'Hitler's alligator' dies in Moscow at age of 84  
On 23 November 1943, the zoo was destroyed in a bombing raid and the alligator appears to have escaped the ruined aquarium.
· Meet the Press - May 24, 2020  
They unleashed a virus on the world that's destroyed trillions of dollars in American economic wealth that we're having to spend to keep our economy alive, to keep Americans afloat during this virus.
The Age
· 'Incredibly blessed': Royal commission to eye fire success and failure  
The NSW Rural Fire Service said almost 2500 homes were destroyed last season.Credit:Kate Geraghty
The Age
· PM earned praise for swift action, but now voters must wait and see - and judge  
To say that some people will receive less assistance than others – after their livelihood has been destroyed – because of a decision you admit was fairly arbitrary is glib.
Malay Mail
· Netanyahu lashes out at ‘ludicrous’ graft charges as trial begins  
“I came to demonstrate against the accused prime minister who uses his power to destroy the foundations of democracy,” said Yoav Eitan, 39, at a rally of around 800 people outside Netanyahu’s residence.