Destruction en las noticias

Colocaciones de ejemplo

complete destruction Destrucción completa
destruction of property Destrucción de propiedad
habitat destruction Destrucción del habitát
mass destruction Destrucción masiva
total destruction Destrucción total

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo
The New York Times
· The N.Y.P.D. Has Rejected Reform for Decades. It Can’t Anymore.  
Even as officers battled peaceful protesters in the streets, the department failed to prevent theft and the destruction of property in Midtown Manhattan, SoHo and the Bronx.
Washington Post
· The one constant in Trump’s presidency: Tomorrow will be worse  
On Monday, Trump retweeted a TV clip in which one of his allies, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), accused the left of “cultural genocide,” an echo of white nationalists’ claims of “white genocide,” and saying “the organizers of Black Lives Matter, who pledge allegiance to the destruction of America, have a lot more in common with the Confederate generals that they hate than they would like to admit.” This followed Trump’s “white power” retweet and another instance of his campaign allegedly appropriating Nazi symbols.
The Guardian
· Outcry from environmentalists as Brazil fires official monitoring deforestation  
Bolsonaro put the army in charge of efforts to curb deforestation in May after last year’s fires pushed destruction to the highest level in 11 years.
The China Post
· Brazil sacks official after soaring June deforestation data  
Bolsonaro also put the Army in charge of efforts to curb deforestation in May after last year’s fires pushed destruction to the highest level in 11 years.
Seeking Alpha
· IEA OMR Notes Demand Drop Was Less Than Expected, Paving Way For An Easier Recovery  
What's clear though is that demand destruction was not as bad as first feared, and because global oil inventories are lower on an absolute level the path to recovery is easier.
The Atlantic
· DeSean Jackson’s Blind Spot—And Mine  
I learned that just because I’m aware of the destruction caused by racism, that doesn’t mean I’m automatically sensitive to other forms of racism, or in this case, anti-Semitism.
Washington Post
· U.S. Posts Record Monthly Budget Gap on Small-Business Relief  
The U.S. posted its worst-ever budget deficit in June as federal government spending more than tripled from a year earlier in a bid to mitigate the economic destruction caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Washington Post
· A new NFL team name isn’t a revolution, but it might be a sign of one  
Let’s hope changing the name of a football team isn’t the most significant development in the aftermath of Floyd’s death, because that should be true racial equality, a complete destruction of the systems that have prevented African Americans and other racial minorities from being on the same footing as white people.
Seeking Alpha
· DraftKings: Possible Stirring Of Legalization In New York And BetMGM Pose Challenges  
Health crisis compounding economic destruction, spiking unemployment, and massive declines in tax revenues.