Haberlerde Detention

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detention camp Gözaltı kampı
detention center Gözaltı merkezi
detention centers Gözaltı merkezleri
detention facility Gözaltı tesisi
juvenile detention Çocuk gözaltı

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The New York Times
· U.S. Weighs Sweeping Travel Ban on Chinese Communist Party Members  
They have loudly denounced what they call the evils of the Chinese Communist Party, pointing to the role of its officials in the cover-up of the initial coronavirus outbreak, the detentions of one million or more Muslims in internment camps and the dismantling of civil liberties in Hong Kong.
· ISIS return? Jihadi fighters are rebuilding Daesh, warns terror report  
The paper warns that, despite appeals from the UN, Western governments are avoiding taking charge of the repatriation, trial, detention and eventual reintegration of ISIS affiliates who are citizens of their countries.
The Independent
· Ghislaine Maxwell resisted arrest. She should thank her lucky stars that she's white  
According to the prosecutors, Maxwell is “skilled at living in hiding” and made multiple attempts to avoid detention.
The Independent
· ‘Her life is going to be hell’: Inside the ‘notorious’ Brooklyn prison Ghislaine Maxwell will remain until her trial next July  
Ghislaine Maxwell was forced to swap her luxurious, secluded, New Hampshire estate for a small cell in Brooklyn‘s 'notorious' federal prison when she was arrested as an alleged accomplice to sex predator Jeffrey Epstein - and the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) has quite a reputation.
Al Jazeera
· British aid worker in Syria released on bail after HTS abduction  
A British aid worker living in Syria's opposition-held Idlib province has been released on bail after spending more than three weeks in detention by a dominant armed group.
The Guardian
· The Guardian view on saying no to Huawei: waiting for the real bill  
Australia’s example is interesting; it faces a ban on some exports, has hinted that China could be behind a cyber-attack, and recently told its citizens that they could risk arbitrary detention if they travelled to China.
Financial Express
· US to impose visa restrictions on employees of Huawei, other Chinese tech companies  
China is accused of mass detentions, religious persecution and forced sterilisation of Uyghurs and others in China’s resource-rich northwestern province of Xinjiang.
· Belarus threatens opposition protesters with criminal charges  
Many have been charged with administrative violations and face fines or detention for up to 13 days, rights group Viasna said.
The China Post
· Police in Belarus detained over 250 people during protests  
Amnesty International on Wednesday condemned mass detentions as provoking violence and violating protesters’ rights.