Haberlerde Detention

Örnek kollokasyonlar

detention camp Gözaltı kampı
detention center Gözaltı merkezi
detention centers Gözaltı merkezleri
detention facility Gözaltı tesisi
juvenile detention Çocuk gözaltı

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

· Grand jury indicts Jeffrey Beier for murder of girlfriend Charlene Voight, who went missing from Littleton, Colorado in 2016  
No court dates will be scheduled until he is booked at the Arapahoe County Detention Center, according to the indictment.
Malay Mail
· Pompeo says US considers welcoming Hong Kong people, entrepreneurs  
Last year, Trump approved legislation stating that Hong Kong residents may not be denied visas because they have been subjected to politically motivated arrest, detention, or other “adverse” government action.
The Independent
· Killer Mike and T.I. sold out in Atlanta. Let's talk about why they did it  
After decades of struggle, local coalitions primarily composed of formerly incarcerated women of color successfully forced Mayor Bottoms to end Atlanta police cooperation with ICE, and to formally shut down the Atlanta City Detention Center.
· I came to cover aggression in Minneapolis. Then I became the victim of it.  
But it is 2020, and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has now had to come out with a statement insisting that the tear-gassing, pepper-spraying and detention of journalists violates our First Amendment rights.
The Guardian
· US activist sues former Egyptian prime minister over arrest and torture  
Court documents chronicle the extensive physical torture Soltan suffered in multiple detention facilities during his 643-day detention, including beatings, denial of medical treatment and cigarette burns to the back of his neck.
The Diplomat
· Former President Atambayev Barred From His Own Trial  
Colleen Wood wrote in January of this year: “Since being taken into custody, Atambayev and Kyrgyzstan’s legal system have effectively fallen into a cycle of lather, rinse, repeat: The former president refuses to participate in the trial, the judge reschedules the trial for a later date, and authorities extend Atambayev’s pre-trial detention for another few months.”
The Independent
· How to support the Black Lives Matter movement even if you can’t attend the protests  
“We will walk with transparency and accountability to use those funds to first and foremost pay bail for those who have shown up in love and grief and rage to demand justice for the murder of George Floyd, and then to post bail in our community for those who are held pretrial simply because they cannot pay and to post bonds to free people from ICE detention,” the organisation said.
The Age
· George Floyd protests LIVE updates: US unrest ensues as Black Lives Matter demonstrators continue to clash with police  
Video of Chauvin's detention of the 46-year-old Floyd has ignited sometimes violent and destructive protests for nearly the past week in Minneapolis and cities across the country.
Malay Mail
· Covid-19: Coastline patrols against migrants may last for more than six months, Malaysian task force says  
Dr Noor Hisham said the outbreak in several Immigration Department detention centres as well as foreign workers in various communities following the crackdown and raids by Malaysian authorities is a new challenge that the country must address together.
Al Jazeera
· Iran says scientist jailed in US 'to return in days'  
The scientist told British newspaper The Guardian in March that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was keeping him in a detention centre in Louisiana without basic sanitation and refusing to let him return to Iran despite his exoneration.