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Пример словосочетания

devastating earthquake Разрушительное землетрясение
devastating effect Разрушительный эффект
devastating effects Разрушительные эффекты
devastating fire Разрушительный огонь
most devastating Самый разрушительный

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The Age
· Northern NSW havens poised to cash in after Queensland shuts border  
Queensland Tourism Industry Council chief executive Daniel Gschwind said the latest border restrictions – which surprised him – were devastating.
The Age
· Top CEOs, directors call for clearer COVID-19 plan  
On Wednesday, CSL chairman Brian McNamee delivered a strong warning about the impacts of the Melbourne lockdown in The Australian Financial Review, observing it would have devastating economic and social impacts that were not well enough understood.
The Age
· Virgin back in business to take fight to Qantas  
Unions representing Virgin workers said the loss of skilled aviation workers was devastating for the industry and the individuals involved, but claimed credit for saving jobs by pushing Virgin and Bain to maintain a full-service, international carrier.
· Beirut blasts heap fresh woes on deeper Lebanon crisis  
For the Lebanese people, who have watched helplessly as their economy has collapsed in recent months, the devastating explosion in Beirut is one disaster too many.
Washington Post
· ‘Love is not Tourism’: Couples separated by pandemic travel bans are fighting to be reunited  
I left the U.S. not knowing when I would see Tara again, and it was devastating.”
Seeking Alpha
· Schlumberger: $20 Will Soon Be In The Rear-View Mirror  
We saw revenues coming in lower on the devastating decline in pricing and demand.
Washington Post
· Instagram’s new copycat video tool will have TikTok reeling  
For TikTok stars, Trump’s banning of the app would be devastating: It’s ‘given me my entire life’
The Age
· Australia sends $2 million in aid to Lebanon after Beirut blast  
She confirmed one Australian had been killed in the devastating explosion.
· Huge rescue effort underway after Beirut blast: The Morning Rundown  
Many in the capital saw their homes destroyed and family members injured, with daylight revealing scenes of destruction not witnessed in the country since its devastating civil war, which ended in 1990.
· Archaeology breakthrough: Researcher's shock at 'largest ever child sacrifice' graveyard  
They believed their deities had inflicted devastating weather conditions upon them – and therefore reprieve by offering sacrifices to their gods.