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Example collocations

began to develop
continued to develop
develop new
helped develop
not develop

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Publications and example sentences

The Wall Street Journal
· Joe Kindred’s Recipe for Charred Squid With Ajo Blanco and Cilantro Pistou  
WHEN JOE AND KATY KINDRED opened their eponymous restaurant in Davidson, N.C., 8 months ago, they figured they’d slowly develop a local following.
Technology Org
· How Europe’s city façades and pavements are being used to harvest clean energy  
Scientists at the University of Perugia are developing lighter coloured surfaces that absorb far less heat than black asphalt.
Seeking Alpha
· Activist Judges Increasing Risk To Oil And Gas Companies  
The first example highlights the risk to exploration and production companies who lease federal minerals to develop, or who have federal minerals offsetting their fee (private) and state mineral leases, and must deal with federal regulations when pooling those federal leases in to their drilling and spacing units.
Financial Express
· Global public debt, fiscal deficits to reach all-time high, IMF warns  
And the most vulnerable low-income developing economies, many of which were already facing a high risk of debt distress prior to the crisis, will need sustained support from the international community to ensure that they can respond to the pandemic and contain the rise of poverty and inequality, he said.
Technology Org
· Building a Better Battery—Faster.  
Battery experts at PNNL and elsewhere focus on developing rechargeable lithium-metal batteries because of their high energy density.
BBC Sport
· Sporting Nation: Stephen Hendry - the making of a winning machine  
He developed the yips, occasionally at first and then more regularly.
Technology Org
· Love-hate relationship of solvent and water leads to better biomass breakup  
To mimic biorefinery processing, researchers developed an experimental setup to heat the mixture of biomass and solvents and observe the changes in real time.
· Dawn Wacek: How Can Libraries Be A Path Toward Inclusivity And Forgiveness?  
With more than fifteen years in librarianship, Dawn Wacek has helped create fine reduction programs and develop open access policies in the places she has worked.
Financial Express
· IMF urges govts to redirect fiscal policy towards resilient sustainable, inclusive growth  
That will only be possible if the international solidarity allows for access to treatment and vaccines for all people, in developed and developing countries alike, Gaspar and Gopinath said.
The Guardian
· 'A language of secrets': how My Brilliant Friend revolutionised female friendship on TV  
In the second series of My Brilliant Friend, which covers the same ground as the second novel in the quartet, The Story of a New Name, we see how Elena and Lila’s lives develop in their late teens and early 20s, as Lila enters and then leaves a violent marriage and Elena escapes their impoverished neighbourhood in Naples to go to university.