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diplomatic mission Diplomatik görev
diplomatic missions Diplomatik misyonlar
diplomatic relations Diplomatik ilişkiler
diplomatic relations between Arasındaki diplomatik ilişkiler
diplomatic service Diplomatik hizmet

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· Brexiteers feel they have to censor their words as 32% of academics hide their opinion  
His comments come as the European Union is willing to compromise to rescue troubled Brexit talks by softening its demand that Britain heed EU rules on state aid in the future, diplomatic sources told Reuters.
· The TikTok-Microsoft-Trump drama, explained  
These reports have fueled US government suspicions that the company is influenced by the Chinese government, particularly as China has been expanding its surveillance state in recent years and US-China diplomatic relations have become more strained.
The Age
· Microsoft buying TikTok would allay Australia's security concerns  
TikTok has been hit by China's worsening diplomatic relations around the world, with calls to ban the mobile app which features an unending loop of 15-second videos of users lip syncing and dancing and has an estimated 1.6 million users in Australia.
Washington Post
· Vatican calls for arson investigation at Nicaragua cathedral  
The Vatican’s top diplomatic envoy in Nicaragua said Monday that he had requested the Nicaraguan government ensure a “serious, careful and transparent investigation” into the attack on the capital’s cathedral.
The New York Times
· How TikTok’s Owner Tried, and Failed, to Cross the U.S.-China Divide  
Chibo Tang, a partner in Hong Kong at the venture capital firm Gobi Partners, said that, increasingly, his advice to Chinese tech companies is to steer clear of the United States when expanding overseas — to follow instead the Chinese government’s diplomatic overtures and investments in places such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
The Diplomat
· China Changes Diplomatic Styles in Central Asia Over COVID-19  
By issuing these statements, Beijing has altered its typical diplomatic course in Central Asia.
· Lebanon foreign minister resigns in protest at crisis management  
Local Lebanese media cited several reasons for his resignation, including reports that he was displeased with the way Lebanese officials were encroaching on his prerogatives and mishandling diplomatic ties.
The Guardian
· John Hume obituary  
This project eventually led to the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement, which gave the Irish an unprecedented diplomatic foothold in Belfast and much closer oversight of the way Britain conducted its affairs in Northern Ireland.
The Guardian
· The threat of Covid should kindle global cooperation, not a new cold war with China  
The common western narrative is that, as the country’s economy has grown, so have its strategic political, economic, diplomatic and military ambitions.