“Disorder” in the news

Example collocations

anxiety disorder
bipolar disorder
mental disorder
personality disorder
stress disorder

Publications and example sentences

Malay Mail
· New research reveals Covid-19 affecting mental health  
And while rates of mental health problems appeared to increase, how much support people felt they had during this time decreased, with 43 percent of people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder saying they have less access to mental-health supports since the Covid-19 outbreak, and 36 percent feeling that the quality of supports has declined, with similar numbers also found for this diagnosed with depression.
The New York Times
· National Guard Called as Minneapolis Erupts in Solidarity for George Floyd  
It begins in school, she said, where white children who get in trouble are excused as having a bad day, while black students are deemed to have disorders that need correcting.
The New York Times
· Rediscovering Wine After Covid-19  
Dr. Pourfar, 49, a neurologist who specializes in treating people with Parkinson’s disease and other nerve disorders, had not been treating Covid-19 patients directly, but he knew about its symptoms.
· Boris Johnson announces plan to further relax England's coronavirus restrictions  
The most recent results from the Census Bureau's weekly Household Pulse survey, which asks adults about mental health symptoms they were experiencing over the past week, showed that more than 28 percent reported symptoms of an anxiety disorder, and 24 percent reported symptoms of depression.
The Guardian
· Police investigate woman's death after paracetamol overdose in Merseyside hospital  
At the time she was very underweight, a symptom of a rare kidney disorder named Gitelman syndrome.
Malay Mail
· Ousted from Bersatu, Dr Mahathir and co calls move illegal, says result of Muhyiddin’s dictatorship  
It was also highlighted how the letters issued to the five showed the disorder within the party’s secretariat, claiming the letters were signed by an unauthorized person, saying it showed the lack of professionalism within the party.