Haberlerde Disorder

Örnek kollokasyonlar

anxiety disorder Anksiyete bozukluğu
bipolar disorder Bipolar bozukluk
mental disorder Akli dengesizlik
personality disorder Kişilik bozukluğu
stress disorder Stres bozukluğu

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Financial Express
· Feeling anxious? This health monitor can be of great help in times of Covid  
The immediate fallout is elevated levels of stress and anxiety, and many are experiencing sleep disorders.
The Atlantic
· America Used to Have Leaders  
It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; it is not the end of disorder.
The Atlantic
· America’s Worst Year  
Donald Trump could not put that point as carefully as Nixon, but he must also sense that backlash against disorder, from people he has classified as the other and the enemy, is his main—indeed, his only—electoral hope.
Al Jazeera
· Death and 'spy' pigeons in Indian-administered Kashmir  
According to his friends on social media, Bhat was physically disabled and suffered from a speech disorder.
Seeking Alpha
· Weekly Commentary: The Scourge Of 'Whatever It Takes' Monetary Mismanagement  
It's a complete breakdown of even a pretense of monetary discipline - with resulting Monetary Disorder again the root cause of late-cycle craziness.
Seeking Alpha
· Zynerba Positive Autism Data, And Other News: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Biopharma  
The study aimed to evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of the drug candidate in pediatric and adolescent patients with autism spectrum disorder.
Malay Mail
· What is re-entry anxiety? Fear of going out post-lockdown gets a handful of labels  
First described in Spain, where the media reported on “síndrome de la cabaña” earlier this month, the French are now beginning to complain of “syndrome de la cabane” or “syndrome de l’escargot” [“snail syndrome], while in English it has been termed “adjustment disorder,” “re-entry panic syndrome” or “post-lockdown anxiety.” But what exactly is it?
Malay Mail
· Autism symptoms can become less severe in early childhood  
Carried out by researchers at the University of California Davis, the new study looked at 89 boys and 36 girls with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
· Commentary: Expect higher levels of anxiety and depression when COVID-19 restrictions lift  
Meanwhile, people who fear germs, such as some people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), might worry about re-entering public spaces.
The Guardian
· Four men arrested over suspected stabbings at London's Hyde Park  
Police called to ‘disorder’ near Serpentine lake where three men suffered stab wounds