“Dissident” in the news

Publications and example sentences

Hong Kong Free Press
· Hong Kong’s ex-chief justice says security law must not be retroactive; opposes bar on foreign judges  
The move has alarmed democrats, civil society groups and trade partners, as such laws have been used broadly to silence and punish dissidents in China.  Copy example sentence
· Trump vs. Biden on George Floyd protests show why so many Republicans dislike the president  
These dissident Republicans range from suburban moderates to rural evangelicals.  Copy example sentence
Al Jazeera
· India's long lockdown led to breakdown of criminal justice system  
They said the law has been used to target religious and other minorities, human rights defenders and political dissidents.  Copy example sentence
· DNA research uncovers Dead Sea Scrolls mystery  
Many experts believe the manuscripts were written by the Essenes, a dissident Jewish sect that had retreated into the Judaean desert around Qumran and its caves.  Copy example sentence
The Diplomat
· The Meng Wanzhou Case Speaks to China’s Diplomatic Paranoia  
A parallel case of Beijing’s stern belief in a foreign executive branch’s far-reaching powers was in 2010, when the Nobel Peace Prize was handed to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.  Copy example sentence
· Gulf crisis sees new 'fake news' flurry online  
The initial coup claim in May was followed by tweets and news stories from pro-Saudi news sources that Qatari dissidents were openly challenging the regime.  Copy example sentence
The Atlantic
· History Will Judge the Complicit  
During the 1980s, Birthler was one of a very small number of active dissidents in East Germany; later, in reunified Germany, she spent more than a decade running the Stasi archive, the collection of former East German secret-police files.  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· Wallace Stegner and the Conflicted Soul of the West  
That shared value — of communal participation and collective identity — is what defines the Wobblies and the Latter-day Saints as dissident formations in the landscape of the West.  Copy example sentence
· China jeers as George Floyd protests sweep U.S.  
Beijing's own treatment of protesters and political dissidents, most recently the crackdown on demonstrators in Hong Kong, has long been met with withering criticism from Washington.  Copy example sentence