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Washington Post
· MLB flew Dominican players to the U.S. for restart, but didn’t test them for coronavirus first  
In its statement Tuesday, an MLB spokesman said: “Testing 160 asymptomatic players in the Dominican Republic would have diverted substantial resources away from the Dominican health care system, where the availability of laboratory equipment is scarce, and would have required an exception to the country’s criteria for testing, which was not something we were prepared to do.”
The Age
· Coronavirus updates LIVE: Further COVID-19 case spike expected in Victoria as NSW remains on high alert; Australian death toll at 106  
On the agenda is the country's hotel quarantine system for returned overseas travellers, which some state leaders are saying is under strain after flight were diverted from Victoria.
The Independent
· Trump forced states into ‘sick Hunger Games’ to get coronavirus equipment, Illinois governor says  
In April, San Francisco mayor London Breed said that the city’s orders of PPE were diverted to other locations in the US and in Europe.
· 'Definitely no,' I'm not a spy: Student describes toll of visa ban targeting China tech theft  
That strategy, according to the State Department, involves China’s “acquiring and diverting the world’s cutting-edge technologies – including through theft – in order to achieve military dominance.”
The Guardian
· Man arrested in Solihull on suspected half million pound furlough fraud  
It is not possible for people to call the government’s fraud hotline because security measures now prevent calls being diverted to the mobile phones of HMRC employees working from home.
The Guardian
· Police in England and Wales face 'rising and complex' 999 calls  
In Cleveland, inspectors found examples of the control room diverting 101 calls to enquiry desk answerphones as a way for the force to manage the demand.
· Five months in, the U.S. hasn't succeeded in combating the pandemic  
These new buys in typically safe Republican states highlight how the expanding map is diverting resources towards states the GOP had hoped would be home to easy victories, money that won’t be spent on top-tier races in states like Colorado, Arizona, Maine and North Carolina.
Sports Illustrated
· 'We’re Definitely Heading the Wrong Way': As Virus Cases Spike, Hurdles to a College Football Season Mount  
“It’s hard to see tests being diverted from places with a critical need to be used in athletics.”
Malay Mail
· Keep your guard up, Covid-19 fight not over yet, health minister tells Malaysians  
“Personnel of the Health Ministry (MOH), National Security Council, police, Rela, army and several other agencies which have been in the frontline of the battle can now divert (part of) this responsibility to the people.
Seeking Alpha
· Tailwinds (And Headwinds) In India  
For example, more than 30 flights were diverted from Delhi on a single day in November 2019 because of poor visibility due to air pollution.10