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The Independent
· Coronavirus: Poorer areas miss out as £100m of emergency cash diverted to richer Tory councils with lower infection rates  
Poorer parts of England, many of them Covid-19 hotspots, have lost out on more than £100m of emergency cash, after ministers diverted it to richer – mostly Tory-run – areas, a new analysis suggests.
The Guardian
· 'You have to respond forcefully': Can Joe Biden fight Trump's brutal tactics?  
But he dismissed the onslaught as a tired attempt to divert the public from Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, a central theme of the Biden post-primary campaign so far.
· COVID-19: China's mask boom takes fabric away for nappy makers  
Manufacturers say textiles such as non-woven fabric have been in short supply from being diverted to the more lucrative mask business, leaving producers of hygiene products high and dry.
Japan Today
· Japan's small clinics driven to brink as virus-wary patients stay home  
This month, medical and hospital associations urged the health ministry to tackle worsening business conditions, asking for funds intended for community heath initiatives to be diverted to help small clinics.
Financial Express
· ISRO's love-hate relationship with private sector - A look back at history  
DOS has even floated a new company called New Space India Ltd, and all business is being diverted to it.
Seeking Alpha
· Waste Management Is On Sale Due To COVID-19  
In states like California, new laws requiring a large reduction in organic matter being diverted to landfills, add ammunition to renegotiate contracts, to allow for increased costs of collection.
The Independent
· Iranian oil tankers reach Venezuela in defiance of US  
But experts say no US ship moved towards the tankers as they made their way across two hemispheres, and they arrived in Venezuelan waters without slowing or diverting from their path.
The Guardian
· The 100 greatest UK No 1s: 100-10  
As the coronavirus lockdown continues, the Guardian’s music desk thought you might be in need of a distraction – something to send you down memory lane, or to divert the annoyance at your housemates or children on to us.
The China Post
· States give few details on billions spent on virus supplies  
In some cases, states have prepaid to ensure orders aren’t diverted elsewhere.