Dozen в новостях

Пример словосочетания

dozen other Дюжина других
dozen years Десяток лет
few dozen Несколько десятков
half a dozen Полдюжины
several dozen Несколько десятков

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Washington Post
· The Latest: Kentucky’s governor says mask rule in effect  
Recently, infections have been confirmed in dozens of workers returning from their homeland in Bangladesh to Rome and other Italian cities; among Bulgarian farm workers working in Italy’s south; an Italian businessman who drove back from a trip to the Balkans and another northern Italian businessman who flew back from a work trip to Africa.
Washington Post
· Chief: Video shows man killed by Detroit police fired first  
Hours earlier, dozens of protesters converged at the site of the shooting on Detroit’s west side, yelling at police and chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund DPD!”
Washington Post
· Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence, annotated  
But rather than allow him to surrender himself, they used dozens of FBI agents with automatic weapons and tactical equipment, armored vehicles, and an amphibious unit to execute a pre-dawn raid of his home, where he was with his wife of many years.
The China Post
· California couple agrees to guilty pleas in college scam  
Dozens of wealthy parents, athletic coaches and others were charged last year in the scheme.
The Wall Street Journal
· Judge Dismisses Helms-Burton Lawsuit Against Carnival  
But fewer than three dozen lawsuits have been filed under the Title III provision of Helms-Burton, according to data compiled by U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council.
· Concern over turnout was factor in postponing Trump rally, GOP advisers say  
In the days leading up to Trump rallies, aides normally boast about dozens of supporters lining up for blocks around the venue but the same level enthusiasm was not displayed widely this week, adding to the nervousness about how many people would actually show up.
Washington Post
· Pac-12 joins Big Ten in eliminating nonconference games  
Athletes recently began returning to campuses for voluntary workouts, but many schools have scaled back as more than a dozen schools have reported positive COVID-19 tests among athletes in the past month.
Washington Post
· Supreme Court says nearly half of Oklahoma is an Indian reservation. What’s next?  
Experts said that Native Americans arrested for major crimes on Indian land belonging to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation must now be prosecuted federally, and dozens of convicted criminals may seek to overturn their convictions.
· 3 LAPD Officers Charged Over Allegations They Falsely Identified Gang Members  
In a 59-count complaint, LAPD officers Braxton Shaw, Michael Coblentz and Nicolas Martinez are alleged to have wrongly marked dozens of people as having gang affiliation on field interview cards used by officers on duty.