Draw в новостях

Пример словосочетания

draw against Рисовать против
home draw Домашний розыгрыш
main draw Основная ничья
qualifying draw Квалификационная ничья
singles main draw Синглы основной тираж

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The Economist
· For shame: A Jordanian podcast is exploring the region’s taboo subjects  
Mr Tesdell, the co-founder of Sowt, a podcasting platform, and Ms Barkawi, a Middle East correspondent for Reuters, were drawn to transgressive topics.
The New York Times
· Toronto Tones Down Its Postseason Party  
In the past, barricades bounded the wide cul-de-sac, barely pinning in the crowded street party that drew thousands of fans each night of Toronto Raptors run to the 2019 N.B.A.
Liverpool Echo
· What Iker Casillas said after moving Liverpool moment as Real Madrid legend retires  
During this time the Spanish shot-stopper's side were drawn to face Liverpool in the knockout stages of the Champions League.
· How Trump should change the way journalists understand “objectivity”  
I think a people may be confused by a distinction you’re implicitly drawing here, so let’s tease it out.
· On coronavirus trust, Republicans are the outliers  
The Washington Post looks at how Dr. Deborah Birx drew Trump’s ire after months of being on his good side.
Sports Illustrated
· Business of Football: How Opt-Out Stipends Work; COVID Amendment Negotiations; More  
And once the lawyers finally draw up these COVID Amendments (CA), all the league and its players have to worry about is playing through a global pandemic; more on that below.
Sports Illustrated
· Built for This: Why Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley Could Be the Ideal Coach in a Year Like 2020  
He didn’t draw up a million plays.
Sports Illustrated
· 2022 WR, Sam Mbake Discusses Offer From Dream School Georgia  
I'm not going to do a lot to draw attention, no top groups or playing games.
The Atlantic
· What Princeton Professors Really Think About Defining Racism  
I regretted signing almost instantly, before the letter drew public attention, specifically because of the sentences you cite.” That faculty member assured me that if the measure came up for a faculty vote, they would oppose it.
Washington Post
· The Finance 202: Trump's demand U.S. get cut of TikTok sale fits expansive view of presidential power  
With talks on Capitol Hill toward another round of emergency economic relief dragging and the president’s priority of a payroll tax cut drawing a bipartisan blowoff, Trump said he could order that tax break with a stroke of a pen — along with extending a moratorium on evictions.