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drone strike
drone strikes

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Seeking Alpha
· Emerald Holding, Inc. (EEX) CEO Brian Field on Q2 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
We’ve realized that she's reading increasing amounts of content about drones and photography through the downloads of whitepapers that she's been doing.
The Age
· Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, August 4  
Today, regardless of whether you're a drone or queen bee you will see that both roles are of equal and vital importance.
Washington Post
· World Digest: Aug. 3, 2020  
Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed they shot down a U.S.-made drone over the country’s northern border with Saudi Arabia.
· Artificial intelligence: Researchers release 'theAItre' play written entirely by machines  
DON'T MISSHi-tech unmanned drone boat which can THINK FOR ITSELF unveiledArtificial intelligence: 60 percent of Brits fear autonomous AIOnly artificial intelligence can protect Britain, top general warns
Washington Post
· Tracking great white sharks with technology’s help  
Scientists are using drones and other technology to study great white sharks along the coast of Southern California to better understand interactions between these marine predators and people and assess the risks to human beachgoers.
· World War 3 fears: China deploys terrifying bombers in striking distance of Indian troops  
At the end of May, local Indian media claimed China’s border forces had been armed with new tanks, drones and helicopters.
The Guardian
· Mexico hails 'Sledgehammer' arrest but murder crisis still a tough nut to crack  
The newspaper El Universal claimed he had unsuccessfully tried to flee on a quad bike as a spy drone hovered overhead and troops closed in.
Seeking Alpha
· V&M Breakouts: Top Growth And Dividend Mega-Cap Stocks For August 2020  
Its stores provide computing and mobile phones, such as computing and peripherals, e-readers, networking products, tablets, and wearables, as well as mobile phones comprising related mobile network carrier commissions, consumer electronics, including digital imaging, health and fitness, home theater, portable audio, and smart home products, and entertainment products consisting of drones, peripherals, movies, music, and toys, as well as gaming hardware and software, and virtual reality and other software products.
The New York Times
· The Strange Saga of TikTok  
U.S. officials have expressed concerns previously about DJI, which makes the popular Mavic drones.
The Thaiger
· 1 more body found, 3 remain missing. Koh Samui ferry disaster.  
A jet ski and drone were used today to recover the second body from the incident.