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drone strike Атака дронов
drone strikes Удары дронов

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Washington Post
· Correction: Armenia-Azerbaijan story  
YEREVAN, Armenia — Armenia and Azerbaijan forces fought Tuesday with heavy artillery and drones, leaving at least 16 people killed on both sides, including an Azerbaijani general, in the worst outbreak of hostilities in years.
The China Post
· Correction: Armenia-Azerbaijan story  
YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) — In a story published July 14, 2020, about fighting on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, The Associated Press erroneously transliterated the name of the province where Armenian accused Azerbaijan’s military of launching a drone attack.
· Russia launches probe into 'orange' Urals streams  
Drone footage uploaded last week by an Instagram travel blogger showed a bright-orange landscape near the disused copper-sulphide mine close to the village of Lyovikha in the Urals.
The New York Times
· Just Collect Less Data, Period.  
Remember that when you get excited about drones that deliver library books, all-seeing shopping carts or whatever flashy thing that makes us think, “Cool!” Sometimes the stuff that draws the most attention will never work, and the seemingly simple stuff has the biggest impact.
The New York Times
· God Did Not Commute Roger Stone’s Sentence  
So I cannot claim to understand God’s design any better than the Trump aides who drone on about it do.
The Independent
· Drone footage shows a great white shark drowning a 33ft humpback whale off South Africa  
Using a drone to capture the scene off the coast of South Africa, researchers observed the shark biting the juvenile whale’s tail before dragging down on the whale’s head to get the larger mammal’s blowhole underwater and eventually drowning it.
Washington Post
· As US seeks sourcing, sole US rare earth miner goes public  
MP Materials can produce refined neodymium-praseodymium, a rare earth material used in magnets that help power electric vehicles, wind turbines, robotics, drones and defense systems.
Seeking Alpha
· FLIR Systems sees Q2 revenue above estimates, shares +3% premarket  
Previously: FLIR wins $20.6M contract for nano drones (May 7)
The Verge
· The antitrust case against Google is gathering steam  
Compiled by students and volunteers, the atlas is a database of surveillance technologies used by law enforcement authorities across the United States — including drones, body cameras, facial recognition, and more.
· This massive portable power station lets you work from literally anywhere  
That means you can keep your iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad, camera, and even drone charged up no matter where you are.