Haberlerde Ease

Örnek kollokasyonlar

chapel of ease Kolay şapel
ease of access Erişim kolaylığı
ease of use Kullanım kolaylığı
help ease Yardım kolaylığı
relative ease Göreceli kolaylık

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Seeking Alpha
· Entercom: It's Time To Recover  
Macro improvements have been incredibly bullish for ETM over the last few weeks as lockdowns have eased, leading to sports restarting and higher road traffic.  Copy example sentence
The Economist
· Bello: Why a president from the 1980s offers lessons for Colombia today  
The hospitals have spare beds, allowing the government to ease its lockdown.  Copy example sentence
The Economist
· Business this week  
Buoyed by the further easing of lockdowns and an unexpected rise in American consumer confidence, stockmarkets retained their fizz of the past few weeks.  Copy example sentence
· Trump eager for July Fourth celebration in D.C. despite coronavirus pandemic  
Many other Russian provinces have already eased lockdowns.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· AP Exclusive: Athletes wary about virus, testing upon return  
These are the sorts of thoughts those who play the games that people love to watch, discuss and gamble on are grappling with as lockdowns brought about by the coronavirus outbreak begin to ease and various sports resume competition — NASCAR and UFC, for example — or attempt to figure out how to, such as Major League Baseball, the NBA and NHL.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Splunk: Strong Prospects For The Foreseeable Future  
Splunk believes that competition is based primarily on product features, performance and support, product scalability and flexibility, ease of deployment and use, total cost of ownership and time to value and most of Splunk's recent initiatives have targeted improvements in these areas.  Copy example sentence
· Live: French PM Philippe unveils second phase in lifting of Covid-19 lockdown  
French cafés eye return to business as government prepares new lockdown easing  Copy example sentence
The New York Times
· ‘Papicha’ Review: Fashion Statement  
Terrible things happen; but by celebrating the women’s intimacy and naïve exuberance, Meddour eases the suffocating noose of religious extremism.  Copy example sentence