Eavesdrop en las noticias

Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo

The New York Times
· This Ancient Sea Creature Builds Its Body With a Whisper, not a Scream  
By eavesdropping on the embryos of sea squirts, saclike filter feeders that inhabit the world’s shallow ocean floors, Dr. Guignard and his colleagues may have identified another way that burgeoning cells correspond.
The Guardian
· Charlize Theron's 20 best film roles – ranked!  
She plays the unspeakable Mavis Gary, a jaded former prom queen for whom high school was clearly the most important time of her life, and who now writes generic young-adult fiction, eavesdropping on teen conversations in malls to put into her books, and compulsively rewriting her own tales of teen triumph.
The New York Times
· Anything You Say in This Trader Joe’s Line May Be Used Against You  
Mr. Luker said the signs would return; as long as there are long, annoying lines, there will assuredly be New Yorkers to eavesdrop upon.
Scientific American
· Bat Says Hi As It Hunts  
But other bats can eavesdrop on those feeding buzzes and use them as a cue for finding food.